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Amstelland 4 Business Platform aims to support (foreign) companies and their employees who are established or wish to establish themselves or want to expand their activities in the Netherlands, especially in the Amstelland Metropolitan Area (AMA).

We will help you find your way in creating a convincing business case for setting up your company or expand your business in the AMA by offering practical advices and relevant, industry-specific information, with a hands-on mentality. We also help your employees to build up an adequate network, so that they can quickly integrate in the Dutch culture. We will give them the support and opportunity to practice and learn the Dutch language within short time.

Our Business2Business (B2B) commitment with you does not end once you have set up your business in the Amstelland Metropolitan Area. Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with you and your employees in order to support you during all the phases of your company development.

Are you planning to establish or to expand your business in the Amstelland Metropolitan Area? Are you considering working with expats or to take expatriates in service to work for you? Don't hesitate to turn to us. We will support you with the design of your organization, the problems you will come across and help you with the development of your employees.

Herefore we can offer you some customized and practical solutions:

  1. We will provide you realistic and for your company relevant B2B information. So you can use them for example for making up your business case or to compare your business results with other businesses in your branch. We can do this also for instance by combining your information with our data.
  2. We organize every month business networks and some of them especially for the spouses, like: introductions to strategic partners, business networks/associations, courses/seminars (knowledge institutions), tax authorities, governmental agencies and introductions to possible potential customers or business partners.We will provide you twice a month an overview of our network-events not only for you but also for your spouse.
  3. Relocation support: assistance in search and selection of temporary, flexible and permanent office space including site visit tours.
  4. Support for International staff: apartment search for expats (short-stay/long-stay), introduction to International school, expat club and referrals to accountants, notary, organization expert and so on.
  5. Market intelligence: providing specific data on markets, industries and sectors in, for example, IT, financial services, media, advertising, life sciences, food, gaming, aerospace, logistics, and so on.
  6. Amstelland Business Day:
    A yearly event for entrepreneurs and CEO's from the region Amstelland with around 600 visitors. Prominent personalities from several industries as well as politics with inspiring speeches, mostly about a special theme. Business partners and sponsors get the opportunity to present themselves.
  7. Network events:
    Events for entrepreneurs, with the intention of meeting each other in order to get more business out of it. In an relaxing environment and good atmosphere, one will find the opportunity to work on a good business-relationship.
  8. Inner Circles:
    Official meetings for companies. CEO's, CFO's and Managing Directors, help each other with different business-solutions, stimulating each others activities, and also generating important leads.
  9. Masterclasses and update meetings:
    'Business School for the innovative entrepreneurs’. In Co-creation with members, universities, we provide academic transparent knowledge.
  10. 4 Business Newsletter Mailings:
    news about interesting company-business-questions in the AMA and news about our business partners and sponsors. Our newsletter will reach you twice a month and we send it out to approximately 14000 business professionals in our region.
  11. Special attention will be paid to the Expat-world in the Amstelland area:
    We can divide the expat work-life cycle in four phases**, during these phases we will offer tailor-made activities especially for the strengthening of the Social-network and to integrate in the Dutch culture. We will offer solutions for improving the work-life balance, improving the spouse's and children’s living, with keeping the autonomy of the expatriate (fresh autonomous eyes lead to breakthrough questions). And we will provide and help the expat and his/her family to learn the Dutch language in a short period of time.
    This will improve the average length of stay of the expat in our area. They will reside longer with a raise in productivity.
    The productivity of the expat is already part of several research and if we will check this model according to existing methods we can measure if this will work and how the results are. The expat-centre knows already about our research on this part.
  12. We will also interview some of you about what you need the most in support and network events from us.